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Ganterud Lifting Solutions AB is a product company that develops and supplies effective, reliable and innovative lifting systems to facilitate the handling of a range materials and improve profitability. The machines are primarly used within the construction and engineering sectors, however they can be used in many other sectors as well. The leveller is designed for use in any location where heavy objects need to be lifted and balanced.


Since the levellers are all remotely controlled no one has to be nearby the heavy lifted object. This makes the work of your personnel much safer. 

Remote controlled

The Ganterud levellers are all remote controlled, with a user-friendly and IP67-rated remote control. This results in lifting objects quicker and safer with the simple press of a button, reducing expensive crane time and waiting times. 

Minimal service

Other than cleaning, the only thing you need to thnk about is charging the battery. The battery status is indicated on the yoke and with a normal use, it is sufficient to charge the battery once a week.

Strong and robust

Thanks to its robust, tried and tested technology, combined with reliable electrical operation, The levellers are able to operate in temperatures ranging -20°C to +40°C in demanding environments.


The balancers are extremely sustainable and environmently friendly. The  machines are completely electrical and only have to be charged once per week.

On top of that using a Ganterud makes your work far more efficient. The leveller work faster, better and when using a Ganterud you need less workers for balancing and lifting heavy objects.



Ganterud L3

Lifting, levelling and turning

Capacity 3 tons

Load imbalance capacity: max 500 kg


Ganterud L5

Lifting, levelling and turning

Capacity 5 tons

Load imbalance capacity: max 750 kg

Ganterud L5 Pro

Lifting, levelling, auto levelling and turning 

Capacity 5 tons

Load imbalance capacity: max 750 kg

Ganterud L20-3 Pro

Lifting, levelling, auto levelling and turning 

Capacity 20 tons

Load imbalance capacity: max 3 tons

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