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With cargo handling equipment, success depends on dependable performance. 


We believe high productivity is achieved by an efficient cargo handler with maximum uptime.


That’s what MultiDocker does. Reliable and work-hungry. High capacity, Smooth and stable.


Material handlers
that get the job done

We didn’t develop our products to make money. We invented it to do a job, for us. Because we were dock-operators ourselves back in the days, we knew just what’s needed. We sat down and said to ourselves: if we could invent exactly the right machines to do the jobs we need, what would it look like? How would it work?

We wanted high efficiency, fast performance, faultless reliability, high machine availability and a long low-cost working life. So we built it, and it worked.

With a long process of experimentation, we devised the MultiDocker MH–series of our own innovations and standard, tried-and-tested, ultra-reliable Cat components. Over the years we have developed the products further and increased our portfolio.


Operator comfort



Electric conversion

Converting diesel driven material handlers to fully electric machines

The electrification will be made by plug & play units. The project includes removal of the diesel engine with auxiliaries and installation of the electrical components.


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We produce one of the worlds' most versatile and efficient material handlers, customized for ports and industrial use.

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