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MultiDocker is a manufacturer of customizable material handlers with a Caterpillar base.

Electric Conversions

We are experts in converting diesel driven earth moving machines into electrical ones.


As MultiDocker we are fortunate to count several companies among our partners.


Material Handlers
that get the job done

We invented MultiDocker to get the job done, for us. With a background as dock-operators we know just what’s needed. We sat down and said to ourselves: we need to invent exactly the right machines to do the jobs we need.

We wanted high efficiency, high performance, reliability, best in class availability and a low-cost working life. So we built based on our own innovations and standards in combination with well proven and tested Caterpillar components.

Over the years we have developed the products further and increased our portfolio.


Operator comfort



Electric conversion

Converting diesel driven earth moving machines into electrical machines 

At MultiDocker we are always looking for opportunities to contribute to a more sustainable future. Hence in addition to building machines we are experts in converting diesel driven earth moving machines  into fully electrical machines. This process includes the removal of the diesel engine and replace it with an electrical engine. Then we rebuild the machine so that it works on even stronger electrical power.


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We produce one of the worlds' most versatile and efficient material handlers, customized for ports and industrial use.

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