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As a European importer and producer of exclusively LED vehicle lighting, TRALERT® distinguishes itself through a complete and high-quality range, excellent service, and expert technical support. Thanks to their specialization and focus, they have quickly become one of the largest suppliers in their field. In addition to representing various renowned brands and manufacturers in the European market, TRALERT® also produces lighting products in-house. TRALERT® is also your partner in providing customized solutions for all your lighting needs, whether it’s individual lighting or fully configuring cable sets and total solutions to your preferences. MultiDocker is a proud partner of TRALERT®, further enhancing their capability to deliver top-notch lighting solutions.

EU Certified LED Work Lamps

In TRALERT®’s range, you can find work lamps that are R23 certified. This means that you can use these lamps as reverse lights. These R23 lamps should be mounted on your vehicle at a specific angle of 30 degrees. This allows them to be used as reverse lights. Planning to install the lamps at a larger angle? Be careful! This could potentially blind oncoming traffic.

EMT Technology

The EMT technology (Electronic Management Technology) integrates automatic temperature control, ensuring that the lighting always operates at the optimal temperature. This not only helps prevent overheating but also ensures that the light intensity remains consistent over the years. This extends the lifespan of the lighting and increases reliability.

Mini Fish Eye Lens

Wide Angle View: The MINI Fish Eye lens technology provides a wide viewing angle, ensuring optimal light distribution per LED. This means that the light is evenly spread over a large area, enhancing visibility and safety. It is particularly useful in situations where uniform lighting is essential.

Robust Housing

Durable Design: Tralert lighting’s housing is made of dust and waterproof coated aluminum, providing a robust and durable construction. This makes the lighting resistant to harsh environmental conditions such as moisture, dust, and vibrations. The vibration-resistant hardware ensures that the lighting remains stable even in demanding situations, such as construction sites or heavy industrial environments.




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LED Work Lights


LED work lights with a new design and endless mounting possibilities

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Since its founding, TRALERT® has focused exclusively on LED vehicle lighting. Thanks to this specialization, TRALERT® is the comprehensive supplier for all your LED vehicle lighting and accessories.

The assortment includes more than 2000 products from the TRALERT® brand and renowned international brands. From LED taillights to LED beacons, and from LED work lights to reflectors. At TRALERT®, you are guaranteed to find the right lighting for your vehicle.

All products comply with current laws and regulations and come with the necessary certifications.

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