Ship to shore, shore to ship in no time! Our flexible solutions make you able to load or unload sawn wood, round timber, chips, pellets, bags, scrap, rocks, pulpwood, gravel, and several other sorts of bulk and general cargo. The quick release coupling facilitates convenient and quick change of tools to handle different types of goods. Below you find are some examples and some applications movies where you can se how MultiDocker gets the job done!

Timber grab 1,5 – 3,3 m2

Fully automatic billet device

Semi automatic lumber spreader 2-3 units

Orange peel buckets 0,7 – 10 m3

Clamshell buckets 6 – 11 m3

Container spreaders

Dust controls

Lifting frames

Fully automatic paper reel attachments

Clamshell buckets 2 – 6 m3

Steel coil attachments

Waste handling clamps

Fully automatic paper pulp devices 3-6 units

Application video clips:

Wire rod handling

Wire rod handling video clip, click here!

Loose bulk handling

Loose bulk handling (wood chips) video clip, click here!

Paper pulp handling

Paper pulp handling video clip, click here!

Log handling

Log handling video clip, click here!