Product overview

We provide material handlers for ports, industries & terminals. Our products are characterized by high efficiency, fast performance, faultless reliability, high machine availability and a long low-cost working life. The products are built of our own application-specific and innovative solutions and standard, tried-and-tested, ultra-reliable Cat components.

We produce many different configurations of our hydraulic cargo handlers, on crawler tracks or wheel undercarriage, so we can offer our customers a complete portfolio in all sizes and for all applications. Our flexible solutions make you able to load or unload sawn wood, round timber, chips, pellets, bags, scrap, rocks, gravel, and several other sorts of bulk and general cargo. Ship to shore, shore to ship in no time!


The CH1400F can handle ships up to 20.000 dwt. It is built for strong performance and will meet your material handling needs with excellent lift performance.

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The CH1100F can handle ships up to ca 15.000 DWT. It has excellent control, impressive lift capacity, simplified service and a comfortable operator station to increase your productivity and lower operating costs.

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The CH900F is a purpose-built material handler on a wheel based under carriage for fast movements. It is designed where harsh environments and severe duty applications of port, industrial and bulk handling operations call for fast, safe, quality and reliable products.

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The CH800 can handle ships up to 9.000 dwt. This machine has the power to move bulk, rock, and debris with speed and precision. It delivers emissions-compliant power and reduced cycle times.

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This product can be equipped with a variety of tools, customized for different commodities. There are different undercarriage configurations to choose between, crawler tracks, rail track fitted or pylon based. A smaller product with excellent performance!

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Why MD?

World class service & maintenance2017-09-19T13:34:15+02:00

Through the Caterpillar Dealer Network, partners since 1998

Unique manufacturing system2017-09-19T13:33:33+02:00

World leading in customization for individual needs and efficient logistics

Great operator comfort2017-09-19T13:32:51+02:00

Stable, comfortable, excellent view, extraordinary control system

High productivity2017-09-19T13:32:03+02:00

Strong, fast and maneuverable cargo handlers of premium quality which safeguard maximum uptime 


Applications for both scrap, waste, loose bulk and forest products.

35 years of experience2017-09-19T13:30:07+02:00

specialized in ports and terminals.

Tools & applications


Integrated with Caterpillar2017-09-19T13:40:32+02:00

Working closely with Caterpillar, the E-Power has integrated Caterpillar software and hydraulic system – rendering the Caterpillar service network available for customers world wide.

Unique driving system2017-09-19T13:39:49+02:00

Utilizing an Emotron frequency converter, the E-Power enables the driver to very precisely adjust speed and effect by simply regulating the RPM – the result of which is a precise and efficient performance giving an advantage over competition.


Choosing E-Power means choosing less down-time and lower service costs. The high quality VEM engine requires less service than an average diesel engine – cutting the service time and cost significantly.


Electricity is a silent but powerful energy source that also means less emissions of smoke, pollutants and sound. People working around the machine as well as passers-by will surely benefit from this improvement!

Powerful engine2017-09-19T13:37:58+02:00

The kW power output of the E-Power is equal to that of our diesel engine – we have stopped at no compromise to reach the capacity you can expect from a MultiDocker.

Energy efficiency2017-09-19T13:36:55+02:00

The E-Power concept, featuring a state of the art electric engine, offers customers a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly way to handle cargo. Savings up to € 40.00 per running hour compared to a diesel engine can be achieved – how much can you save per year?