Cargo Handler 1400F

Cargo Handler 1400F

The CH1400F can handle ships up to 20.000 dwt. It is built for strong performance and will meet your material handling needs with excellent lift performance.

  • Reach: 23,1-28,0 meters
  • Engine output: 391 kW
  • Lifting capacity: 22,4 tonnes
  • Vessel size: 0-20.000 dwt
  • Operating weight: 115-130 tonnes
  • Engine: Diesel or electrical

The CH1400F is built for strong performance and long service life. The two-piece fronts meet your material handling needs with excellent lift performance and working range whether operating in close or at full reach. Excellent quality, along with Cat® design standards, means that the CH1400F cargo handler will deliver the reliability and productivity you require. The CH1400F can handle ships up to 20.000 dwt.

Lifting capacity examples:

  • Pulp logs 400-650 m3/h
  • Sawn timber 350-600 m3/h
  • Wood chips 900-1500 m3/h
  • Wood pulp 350-650 ton/h
  • Grain 400-700 ton/h
  • Gravel 600-1000 ton/h
  • Scrap 400-700 ton/h

This CH85C (forerunner of the CH1400F) is located in Mönsterås Sweden where it’s mostly handle forestry products. The customer have had several products from us and we have a frequent dialogue about what works great and if there are things that needs improvement.

One of the Operators, Johan Johansson, in Mönsterås recently won a national crane operator competition. Here is what he says about their machine:

“The strength, precision and the great performance of the CH85C are success factors for us”

More Youtube-clips at:

A proper cabin environment generates good comfort and increases efficiency. With four standardized cabin solutions, MultiDocker offer a unique approach to operating comfort. By consulting the customer, we choose the most optimal cabin for each customer’s application. All MultiDocker cabin solutions reflect powerful and exceptional design, which creates a stable and unaffected environment during full production and heavy lifts.

Cabin Standard, CS: A very simple heavy duty standard solution. Suitable for material handling.

Cabin Raiser, CR: Fixed cabin raiser designed for material handling applications where the view/height is crucial. Raised 1500 mm from standard position.

Cabin Forward, CF: Fixed cabin raiser where the cabin is moved forward in a fixed position. Designed for material handling in combination with loading/discharging vessels where the view into the vessel isn’t crucial. Moved 4200 mm from the swing centre.

Cabin Movable, CM: Movable horizontally – 8000 mm from the swing centre. Designed for loading/discharging vessels. This model gives the operator the possibility to quickly adjust the position of the cabin to optimize the visibility in all situations without cutting back on the comfort. The CM is designed with a unique birder system without joints, which minimize vibrations and strokes efficiently. The horizontal adjustment can be done without stopping ongoing operation by using an ergonomic sliding switch on the joystick. A unique solution on the market!


The Port Line Cabin is an option for the CM and CF cabin solutions. The Port Line Cabin features a larger interior for increased driver comfort, along with new features:

– the large glass surfaces provide excellent panoramic overview

– negative windshield for less reflections and impact from snow and rain

– one extra seat for training sessions

– greater floor windows for better visibility and a safer operation

– floor windows enhance operators precision and contribute to safety for ground personnel

– suspended on six additional rubber bushings – eliminating vibrations

– aluminium frame work for rigid and safe design


– high capacity heating and cooling units

– can be retrofitted (plug and play interface)

– full standing height allows comfortable access to and from operators seat

– plug and play interface with Caterpillar cabin ensures time and cost effective cabin upgrades

Cab description

The cabin has been designed to be spacious, quiet and comfortable for the operator, assuring high productivity throughout the entire workday. Switches are conveniently located for easy access. The monitor is located to provide excellent visibility and access. The all-new cab provides you with a safe working environment. It also contributes to your comfort because it’s attached to a reinforced frame with special viscous mounts that limit vibration and unnecessary sound. Add in special roof lining and sealing and you have a cab that’s as quiet inside as any of today’s top pickup trucks.

Seat: The seat range includes air suspension, heated, and air cooled options. All seats include a reclining back, upper and lower slide adjustments, and height and tilt angle adjustments to meet your needs for maximum comfort. Adjustable armrests and a retractable seat belt are also included

Skylight: An enlarged skylight with sunshade provides excellent visibility and good ventilation.

Hydraulic Activation Control Lever: The hydraulic activation control lever deactivates all hydraulic functions during engine start-up, and prevents unintentional machine movements.

Climate Control: The automatic climate control system features multiple air outlets with filtered ventilation to make your work in either hot or cold weather much more pleasant and productive.

Monitor: The LCD monitor is easy to see and navigate. Programmable in up to 42 languages to meet the needs of today’s diverse workforce, the monitor clearly displays critical information you need to operate efficiently and effectively. You can even change between the backhoe pattern or cargo handler control pattern right through the monitor. Plus it projects the image from the standard rearview camera to help you see what’s going on around you so you can stay safely focused on the job at hand.

Cabin Safety System:  The machine is equipped with an electronic safety system with motion control. The system prevents from collision between the cabin and the work tool. The system also controls the load in the machine to avoid overload

Cab Exterior:  The exterior design uses thick steel tubing along the bottom perimeter of the cab, improving resistance fatigue and vibration. The cabin has an overhead protection frame (F.O.P.S = falling object protective system) bolted directly to the top of the cabin.

Cab Mounts: The cabin shell is attached to the frame with viscous rubber cabin mounts, which dampen vibrations and sound levels while enhancing operator comfort.

Wipers: Parallel wiper, including a washer nozzle is mounted below the cab windshield; this optimizes the operator’s viewing area and offers continuous and intermittent modes.

Windows: To maximise visibility, all glass is affixed directly to the cab. The cabin solution CM8000 has a floor window as standard. This gives the operator the possibility to view the working area underneath the cabin. .

Sound: The operator sound level measured according to the procedures specified in ISO 6396:2008.

Gauge Display: Three analogue gauges, fuel level, hydraulic oil temperature and coolant temperature, are displayed in this area.

Monitor Display Screen: The monitor is a full colour 400×234 pixels LCD graphic display. The Master Caution Lamp blinks ON and OFF when one of the critical conditions below occurs:

• Engine oil pressure low

• Coolant temperature high

• Hydraulic oil temperature high

Under normal conditions or the default condition, the monitor display screen is divided into four areas: clock and throttle dial, gauge, event display and multi-information display.

Multi-information Display: This area is reserved for displaying information that is convenient for the operator. The “Cat” logo mark is displayed when no information is available to display.

Controls:  Not only can the right and left joystick consoles be adjusted to improve your comfort and productivity during the course of a day, but the joystick levers themselves can be adjusted for gain and response. Gain is the relationship between the control lever stroke and cylinder speed, and response is the time elapsed from the moment the control lever is operated until the cylinder attains speed. The CH90F has multiple gain and response settings to make the machine respond exactly how you want it to.

Electronic Joysticks: Electronic joysticks provide features not possible with hydraulic pilot valves:

• Eliminate pilot lines in cab for quieter operation

• Adjustable gain/response

Standard Cab Equipment

To enhance operator comfort and productivity, the cab includes a lighter, drink holder, coat hook, service meter, FM Radio, literature holder, magazine rack and storage compartment. The cab can be equipped with optional 12 volt converter and up to 12V – 7amp electrical sockets to provide additional electrical resources.

  • Air conditioner, heater and defroster with automatic climate control
  • Power supply 24 V
  • Console mounted electronic type joystick with adjustable gain and response
  • Instrument panel and gauges with full colour graphical display
  • Neutral lever (lock out) for all controls
  • Positive filtered ventilation
  • Pressurised cabin
  • Retractable seat belt
  • Stationary skylight
  • Sunshade for windshield
  • Travel control pedals with removable hand levers
  • Windshield wipers and washers
  • Rear view camera
  • FOPS-Falling Object Protective System including overhead and windshield guards

Optional equipment

  • Weight Scale (excl summarise function.)
  • Weight Scale (incl summarise function.)
  • Electric Pre-heater 220 V
  • Camera for stick incl. LCD display Others
  • Radio /CD incl. remote control

Depending on the customer’s needs, the MultiDocker CH1400F can be delivered in various standard undercarriage configurations with crawler tracks. Other options are the rail track fitted gantry undercarriage or pedestal. It’s also possible to have the cargo handler installed onboard a vessel or a barge.
Due to the unique module system we can tailor the height and width of the undercarriage raiser, the length of the track frames and the width of the flat shoes to meet special requirements in regards of weight, ground loadings, available space at the site etc.

MG8000C: The height of 5,0 meter allows lorries and railway wagons to safely pass through underneath the machine. This solution saves space at the site and makes the MultiDocker extremely efficient by allowing short swing cycles and the possibility to to work in a larger area without having to constantly move the machine.

  • Width – center  6.500 mm
  • Flat shoes 900-1.000 kg
  • Length – center 7.600 mm
  • Weight once. crawler tracks 54.400kg

MG4800C: A lower undercarriage configuration offer a versatile performance for cargo handling. A great option at terminals or at ports affected by the tide.

  • Width – center  6.500 mm
  • Flat shoes 900-1.000 kg
  • Length – center 7.600 mm
  • Weight once. crawler tracks 45.900kg

MG3100C: Our lowest undercarriage configuration offer a versatile performance for cargo handling. A great option at terminals or industries.

  • Width – center  6.100 mm
  • Flat shoes 900-1.000 kg
  • Length – center 7.600 mm
  • Weight once. crawler tracks 37.900 kg

Sealed and Lubricated Rollers: Track rollers and idlers are sealed and lubricated for excellent service life.

Idler Guards and Track Guides: Idler guards and centre track guides used to maintain alignment are standard.

Track shoes: The flat shoe’s outer edges are curved and chamfered on the outer edges to further smooth transportation as well as prevent unnecessary damages to the ground. Being such a large material handler, the MultiDocker flat shoes cause very little effect to the ground surfaces. Due to the design of the MultiDocker bended flat shoes, they are very kind  to all types of road surfaces, concrete, blocks or tarmac.

Track: The MultiDocker cargo handler comes with grease lubricated tracks as standard. The track links are assembled and sealed with grease to decrease internal bushing wear, reduce travel noise and extend service life thus lowering operating costs.

Travel Motor: Two-speed axial piston hydraulic motors provide the drive power and automatic speed selection when the high-speed position is selected. This enables the machine to automatically change between computer controlled high and low speeds depending on drawbar-pull requirements.

Final Drives: The final drives are the three-stage reduction planetary type. This design provides a complete drive/brake unit that is compact and delivers excellent performance and reliability.

The boom and stick is designed for multipurpose use and can easily handle most different kind of cargoes. As an option we can offer a quick release coupling making the change between different work tools convenient and quick. Due to our unique module design we can tailor the lengths of booms and sticks for special requirements.

The MultiDocker CH1400F is offered with four standard boom and stick configurations with a reach ranging from 23,1 meter up to 28,0 meters excluding work tools. The reach of 27 meters gives the possibility to handle ships up to 20 000 DWT with great efficiency.

Total length (mm)                    Boom (mm)        Stick (mm)

  • 23 100                                   14 000                      11 000
  • 27 000                                  16 250                      12 800
  • 28 000                                  17 050                      13 220

Smart Boom

Unloading a barge or a vessel is easier when using SmartBoom. The SmartBoom avoids excessive force being put on the barge tank top by having the weight of the boom and stick weighting down its self and not being forced down by the boom cylinders allowing the operator to fully concentrate on production.

Heavy Duty Pipe Protection

The boom and stick can be equipped with a heavy duty pipe protection in the end of the stick.It will protect the pipes from being damaged during operation in narrow areas, giving higher availability of the machine and lower maintenance costs.

The MultiDocker CH1400F is equipped with sturdy galvanised steel access ladders, walkways and platforms all complete with strong handrails. Safety gates are fitted to platforms for improved safety. In case of emergency/engine stop when operating it is fully possible to leave the machine by using the standard access route from the cab to the platforms and ladders then to ground. If the machine is rotated so that normal access routes cannot be used it is possible to use the emergency ladder located behind the cab to reach the service platform. This safety feature makes MultiDocker unique on the market.


Overload Protection System: The machines lifting capacity values have been calculated in compliance with SS-EN 130 01.

The capacities do not exceed 87% of the Hydraulic capability and 75% of the tipping load with the machine on a firm and level ground.  In the case of an overload situation the protection system will not allow the dipper arm stick to move outwards therefore preventing an overload in the boom cylinders and uncontrolled lowering of the arm.

Cabin Safety System: The machine is equipped with an electronic safety system with motion control. The system prevents from collision between the cabin and the work tool. The system also controls the load in the machine to avoid overload

  • Cold weather starting aid
  • Scrap magnet generator
  • Extra hydraulic pipe protection for arduous applications
  • Hydraulic pipe closure valve cocks
  • Quick release couplings
  • Heavy duty semi-automatic Multicoupler
  • Bio-degradeable hydraulic oil
  • Reversable Fan

Fire Protection system

This fire suppression system discharges automatically at a detected fire when the machine is unmanned, i.e. when the main switch is turned off. When the machine is at work with the power on, a detected fire actuates only the alarm signals. The operator should then immediately then stop the operation and turn off the power or operate the extinguishing installation manually. Manual operation can be made from a firing button on the control unit in the cab.

Caterpillar MSS Data Sheet

The Caterpillar Machine Security System (MSS) is an on-board system to manage access to your MultiDocker. It has programmable features to allow tailoring the system to fit your needs. Can be programmed for active/inactive periods. Can be programmed so individual keys expire on selected date and time. Control access by untrained operators or unauthorized personnel. Manage access with minimum inconvenience!

Radiation Detecting System

Mounting the Cricket in the grapple allows direct exposure to all the material being handled.

Safety Cameras

Standard for all MultiDockers is the rear view camera. This camera will give the operator a better overview (over the worksite) giving a safer operation. However, for optimal performance your MultiDocker can be equipped with a stick mounted camera giving a perfect view of the material being handled. With the stick mounted camera comes a 7” color monitor reproducing the view perfectly.

Working Lights

MultiDocker CH1400F is equipped with seven working lights. As an option the standard halogen lights can be changed to xenon working lights, giving three times more light than the standard lights, for a safer and more efficient operation. Your MultiDocker can also be equipped with extra work lights on the undercarriage for improved illumination of the working area around the machine.


230 V heater for the cabin, engine and hydraulic oil tank are optional. There is also a possibility to choose a diesel driven heater for preheating of the diesel engine and the cabin. This heater has programmable start time and also the possibility to be started on remote by phone.

Extra fuel tank

As an option the MultiDocker CH1400F can be equipped with an extra fuel tank. The

Caterpillar Product Link

Product Link is a satellite based system that up load important information about your MultiDocker on the internet. This gives you the possibility to control and evaluate the performance of your machine. It is also an important link between your MultiDocker and your service provider, your local Caterpillar dealer.

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Why MD?

World class service & maintenance2017-09-19T13:34:15+02:00
Through the Caterpillar Dealer Network, partners since 1998
Unique manufacturing system2017-09-19T13:33:33+02:00
World leading in customization for individual needs and efficient logistics
Great operator comfort2017-09-19T13:32:51+02:00
Stable, comfortable, excellent view, extraordinary control system
High productivity2017-09-19T13:32:03+02:00
Strong, fast and maneuverable cargo handlers of premium quality which safeguard maximum uptime 
Applications for both scrap, waste, loose bulk and forest products.
35 years of experience2017-09-19T13:30:07+02:00
specialized in ports and terminals.

Tools & applications


Integrated with Caterpillar2017-09-19T13:40:32+02:00
Working closely with Caterpillar, the E-Power has integrated Caterpillar software and hydraulic system – rendering the Caterpillar service network available for customers world wide.
Unique driving system2017-09-19T13:39:49+02:00
Utilizing an Emotron frequency converter, the E-Power enables the driver to very precisely adjust speed and effect by simply regulating the RPM – the result of which is a precise and efficient performance giving an advantage over competition.
Choosing E-Power means choosing less down-time and lower service costs. The high quality VEM engine requires less service than an average diesel engine – cutting the service time and cost significantly.
Electricity is a silent but powerful energy source that also means less emissions of smoke, pollutants and sound. People working around the machine as well as passers-by will surely benefit from this improvement!
Powerful engine2017-09-19T13:37:58+02:00
The kW power output of the E-Power is equal to that of our diesel engine – we have stopped at no compromise to reach the capacity you can expect from a MultiDocker.
Energy efficiency2017-09-19T13:36:55+02:00
The E-Power concept, featuring a state of the art electric engine, offers customers a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly way to handle cargo. Savings up to € 40.00 per running hour compared to a diesel engine can be achieved – how much can you save per year?