MultiDocker CH65

MultiDocker CH65

  • Reach: 20,8 meter
  • Cabin solution: Cabin Forward
  • Year of manufacturing: 2001
  • Running hours: 11 000 hours

Why MD?

World class service & maintenance2017-09-19T13:34:15+02:00
Through the Caterpillar Dealer Network, partners since 1998
Unique manufacturing system2017-09-19T13:33:33+02:00
World leading in customization for individual needs and efficient logistics
Great operator comfort2017-09-19T13:32:51+02:00
Stable, comfortable, excellent view, extraordinary control system
High productivity2017-09-19T13:32:03+02:00
Strong, fast and maneuverable cargo handlers of premium quality which safeguard maximum uptime 
Applications for both scrap, waste, loose bulk and forest products.
35 years of experience2017-09-19T13:30:07+02:00
specialized in ports and terminals.

Tools & applications


Integrated with Caterpillar2017-09-19T13:40:32+02:00
Working closely with Caterpillar, the E-Power has integrated Caterpillar software and hydraulic system – rendering the Caterpillar service network available for customers world wide.
Unique driving system2017-09-19T13:39:49+02:00
Utilizing an Emotron frequency converter, the E-Power enables the driver to very precisely adjust speed and effect by simply regulating the RPM – the result of which is a precise and efficient performance giving an advantage over competition.
Choosing E-Power means choosing less down-time and lower service costs. The high quality VEM engine requires less service than an average diesel engine – cutting the service time and cost significantly.
Electricity is a silent but powerful energy source that also means less emissions of smoke, pollutants and sound. People working around the machine as well as passers-by will surely benefit from this improvement!
Powerful engine2017-09-19T13:37:58+02:00
The kW power output of the E-Power is equal to that of our diesel engine – we have stopped at no compromise to reach the capacity you can expect from a MultiDocker.
Energy efficiency2017-09-19T13:36:55+02:00
The E-Power concept, featuring a state of the art electric engine, offers customers a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly way to handle cargo. Savings up to € 40.00 per running hour compared to a diesel engine can be achieved – how much can you save per year?

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