MultiDocker launches TWO NEW MACHINE MODELS
– moves into market with great potential together with Caterpillar.
MultiDocker has decided to launch two new machine models to broaden the existing product line and meet market demand in new segments.
The new machine models will fill a gap in Caterpillar’s product line after Caterpillar exits the market for 30-60 ton material handlers.
One machine of each model has been sold. The machines have been concluded to be very competitive in terms of performance and value when compared to competitor machines in the premium product segment.
The market for the new machine models is very large around the world, and MultiDocker now starts the marketing efforts towards customers globally, together with the dealership network.
Caterpillar supports MultiDocker in launching these products and together the two companies can offer a broad range of material handling equipment to customers globally.
Our expectation is that these new machine models will add to MultiDocker’s growth significantly during 2018, and the efforts towards securing resources to manufacture and assemble these machines shall start within short” says Percy Osterstrom, CEO of MultiDocker.