30 10, 2014

Newsletter, October 2014

October 30th, 2014|General|

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20 10, 2014

MultiDocker on Russian TV

October 20th, 2014|General|

MultiDocker has been seen on Russia’s main news TV Channel (Russia 24).  This was the message in brief:

–          Nevelk Port began to handle coal. To do this efficiently they needed another type of cargo handlers, not available in Russia. The machines they use today are Swedish products, MultiDockers (2 pcs), equipped with lighting system and automatic control allowing professionals to work with different kinds of goods – wood, coal and containers. These kind of efficient work will effect the economy of the Sakhalin island region in a positive way, tells Victoria Voronina.

–          The grab capacity makes them able to load a 5000 tonnes ship in just 8 hours.

–          The port operators are planning to load about 4  ships a month, giving an export volume of abt 20.000 / monthly.  Main destination is Japan but the geography of consumers will be expanded in future

–          Drivers says this is the best machine he ever driven.

See the clip on youtube: http://youtu.be/wiQ_IP5PUko


6 10, 2014

PON B.V – Theo Pouw – CH74

October 6th, 2014|General|

Theo Pouw Groep is a supplier for the soil, road, water and concrete construction industry. MultiDocker proudly announce a deal for a CH74 to Theo Pouw Secundaire Bouwstoffen. The cargo handler will operate in Eemshaven, at a soil remediation site.

MultiDocker has a close cooperation with the Caterpillar Dealer PON B.V who made this deal possible. Best wishes to Theo Paouw!

6 10, 2014

A CH70 to Randers Stevedore, Denmark

October 6th, 2014|General|

Randers Stevedore in Denmark offers a broad variety of transportation- and logistic solutions, including discharging, inland transportation and shipping. Since they are operating in several ports/terminals, and strive for best possible cost efficiency, they prefer cargo handlers that are easy to transport between the locations. MultiDocker’s CH70D fits that description and by a small modification of the front attachment height they will now be able to very smoothly use the CH70D at all operating locations in their businesses.

We wish Randers the best of luck!