One customer – 5 cargo handlers

September 11th, 2014|General|

MultiDocker is proud to announce that Göranssons Åkeri AB recently signed a contract for a CH70 (their 5th cargo
handler from MultiDocker). Göransson is an existing MultiDocker customer handling pulpwood for a Swedish paper mill,
an agreement including both quayside discharging and storage yard operations. A MultiDocker CH74 is working at the
quayside since years back and now Göranssons needed a machine that could match that capacity at the storage yard.
Knowing that
the yard handling is different from discharging vessels, they first thought a smaller machine might do a
satisfying job on the yard. After being convinced to try the CH70, Göranssons’ realized they had found the perfect
match. By also using similar grapples in the quayside and log yard application, the two operations became
synchronized and they managed to handle the wood coming to the yard from the quay (and even more, which created a
useful buffer storage), creating a perfect flow of cargo.