As a company founded on the need of our customers, we know what’s expected of us, and we will deliver!

We know that when it comes to cargo handling equipment, your success depends on high productivity and dependable performance. We believe high productivity is achieved by an efficient cargo handler with maximum uptime. A strong, fast and maneuverable cargo handler, reliable components and a well-organized service supplier makes the MultiDocker products just that – highly productive.

Operator comfort

Comfort and convenience to keep people productive!

In order to reach the machines maximum performance the operator needs to feel comfortable in his working environment. We strive to deliver a cabin environment that is safe, highly developed, steady and comfortable. The control system allows the operator to feel like the cargo handler is like an extension of his own arms.

All cabins includes various possible adjustments to meet operator needs for comfort and productivity.


The performance and the operators comfort added together equals “economy”.

Also, our products are built with several new fuel-saving and comfort-enabling features and benefits that will delight owners and operators. Our machines are built to be rebuilt; through the Cat Certified Rebuild Program, major structures and components can be remanufactured to reduce waste and replacement costs. As we strive to make our customers’ overall economy as competitive as possible we also offer advantageous financing solutions.


Ship to shore, shore to ship in no time!

Our flexible solutions make you able to load or unload sawn wood, round timber, chips, pellets, bags, scrap, rocks, pulpwood, gravel, and several other sorts of bulk and general cargo.


Efficiency means doing it well, doing it faster and doing it better!

That’s what MultiDocker does. Reliable and work-hungry. High capacity. Smooth and stable. Powerful technology and precision hydraulic controls. MultiDocker gets the job done. And we listen to our customers. We think big by thinking of the small things, the little touches that make all the difference. We can make your MultiDocker work just the way you want it to, to do your job. We never forget that the way to make our business better is to make your business better.

Meet some happy clients

The high operator comfort, visibility, the gantry concept and the great performance of the CH74D is key success factors! This machine has greatly exceeded my expectations and will help me to increase my competitive edge.

Mr. Dennis Bergström, DLS

This machine really made a change in our business since the wheel based cargo handler makes fast movements and shows high performance. This is our 4th product from MultiDocker and we are very happy about our great cooperation!

Mr. Curt Göransson, Göranssons Åkeri AB

The strength, precision and the great performance of the MultiDocker CH85C are success factors for us!

Mr. Johan Jonsson (winner of the national Crane Operator Competition), Södra Mönsterås