“Tolko has seen productivity go up since we started working with our CH600 and we’re particularly pleased with the machine’s strength and stability as well as its ability to stack higher. The machine navigates our rough yard very well and is very ergonomically friendly for our operators.”

Mr. Phil Bean, Plant Manager at Tolko Industries

“MultiDocker is a critical part of our overall strategy to maintain and gain core Caterpillar equipment in Forest Products Mill Yard applications. With the addition of MultiDocker to our portfolio, we have been able to offer a complete solution to our existing Caterpillar customers.”

Mr. Brian Mulvihill, Finning Canada

“This machine really made a difference in our business since the wheel based cargo handler makes fast movements and shows high performance. This is our 4th product from MultiDocker and we are very happy about our great cooperation!”

Curt Göransson, owner of Göranssons Åkeri AB

“The high operator comfort, visibility, the gantry concept and the great performance of the CH74D is key success factors! This machine has greatly exceeded my expectations and will help me to increase my competitive edge.”

Dennis Bergström, Owner of DLS

“The MultiDocker is a very fast material handler for loading and unloading metal scrap, timber, sawn timber, and other bulk material. It is equipped with the same tool bracket as Mälarhamnar’s other folding arm cranes, which means all of our tools fit and can be changed in just a few seconds, like an excavator, without manual application. This gives us a reduced risk of accidents in connection with tool shifting, faster tool changes, and increased redundancy. When a tool breaks down, we often have another similar to be able to change quickly instead of waiting for urgent repairs.

The crane has an incredibly nice operator environment where the noise level is minimal, exceptional driver’s seat, extra large cab—which has space for a crane driver in training—automatic fire extinguishing system and several cameras at different angles. This enables a safe and effective operation even when driving where the visibility is normally obscured.”

Tobias Samuelsson, Site Manager at Mälarhamnar AB in Västerås

“Our MultiDocker CH85C [CH1400] was carefully designed to meet the needs of our operation with high efficiency, safety, and operator comfort. When loading barges of logs, productivity reaches 400 m³ / hour (or 300 ton / hour), with an average fuel consumption of 45L / hour and low maintenance cost. The feature of having trucks pass beneath the gantry enables high safety and an agile operation with quick unloading times at around three minutes per truck. Thanks to the ability to adjust the proportional drive on the hydraulic controls, the operator can comfortably and safely manage the machine. There’s easy access to do maintenance work, both to the power-train and the hydraulic system. Also, the electronic governing system provides quick trouble-shooting, facilitating the need for service as it arise.”

Mr. Theo Gerhard Pacheco, Sagres Agenciamentos Maritimos

“The strength, precision and the great performance of the MultiDocker CH85C are success factors for us!”

Johan Johansson, Operator at Port of Mönsterås and winner of the National Crane Operator competition

MultiDocker reviews

“Top of the line!”

“Awesome machine, makes our lives easy on hull docks”

“I worked 1 year with this machine, it’s wonderful”

“Definitely CH600 for most operations in Brazil, but each one has it’s market share!! Overall great equipment!!”

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