We produce one of the worlds’ most versatile and efficient cargo handlers, customized for ports and industrial use. The cargo handlers are based on standard, reliable well-proven Caterpillar components enhanced with our own industrial and innovative solutions.

We have developed a successful plug and play concept. The MultiDocker machine “body” is produced by the Caterpillar factory in Gosselies, Belgium. Caterpillar delivers the “body” to our production site. At this site the machine is modified and adjusted to the customer’s needs.

The undercarriage, cabin and front attachment are produced by companies that are specialized in producing just these kinds of parts. When the parts are ready, the suppliers send the parts to the customer’s location. The machine is then brought together and tested by our own specialists.

MultiDocker serves all regions of the world so we build many different configurations of hydraulic cargo handlers. Our Sales representative and Cat dealers has exact machine specifications available in your area to help you choose what best meets your needs!

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