Welcome to MultiDocker

We didn’t develop our products to make money. We invented it to do a job, for us. Because we were dock-operators ourselves back in the days, we knew just what’s needed. We sat down and said to ourselves: if we could invent exactly the right machines to do the jobs we need, what would it look like? How would it work?

We wanted high efficiency, fast performance, faultless reliability, high machine availability and a long low-cost working life. So we built it, and it worked.

With a long process of experimentation, we devised the MultiDocker CH – a machine built of our own innovations and standard, tried-and-tested, ultra-reliable Cat components. Over the years we have developed the products further and increased our portfolio.

Who is Multidocker?

To increase our customers’ competitive edge by providing efficient material handling.

Our vision is to become market leaders creating customer efficiency in our core segments. MultiDocker is seen as a company where innovation, expertise, participation and customer satisfaction are in focus. Our products shall be perceived as the highest quality material handlers in terms of function, technology and service.

Delivery of high customer value
People in focus
Constant improvement and development

Products: Cargo handling machines
Founded: 1981
Employees: approx. 25, excluding manufacturing personell.
Sites: Norrköping (headquarters), Europe, South America, Asia

Our skills

Cargo Handling Machines 100%
Port Efficiency Concept 95%
Logistics 95%
Tools 90%

Some happy clients

“This machine really made a change in our business since the wheel based cargo handler makes fast movements and shows high performance. This is our 4th product from MultiDocker and we are very happy about our great cooperation!”

Curt Göransson, owner of Göranssons Åkeri AB.

“The high operator comfort, visibility, the gantry concept and the great performance of the CH74D is key success factors! This machine has greatly exceeded my expectations and will help me to increase my competitive edge.”

Dennis Bergström, Owner of DLS.

“The strength, precision and the great performance of the MultiDocker CH85C are success factors for us!”

Johan Johansson, Operator at Port of Mönsterås and winner of the National Crane Operator competition.

More about MD:

Today we are a global player and we strive to constantly deliver high customer value. Our ambition is to always help our customers to succeed. We develop and deliver our products in a cost efficient way through innovation while also fine tuning our existing knowledge and experience.

We put people in focus. Since the ability to create value for our customers depends on how the people at MultiDocker succeed in satisfying and surpassing the needs, requirements, expectations and wishes of our customers, it’s important for us to have the right person at the right place. And, that all processes within the organisation works in smartest way possible. We work to ensure that all parties come away as winners in our business; dealers, suppliers and other contacts in the context. Therefore we provide total commitment in all situations and put “all people in focus”.

We are a company in constant motion. Our business is based on our products moving goods from one point to another in the most efficient way regardless of whether it is in a port or at a terminal. Constant motion is also a reflection of us as people and as an organisation. We have high ambitions, which mean continuous development, transnational communications and cooperation. The company is expanding, the organisation is changing and we are always open to new ideas. Our objective is to drive development forwards, both our own and our customers!