The new year has started out well for us in Brazil where the forestry industry keeps growing and focuses more attention to new solutions that increase efficiency in all parts of its operations. Organizations continue their expansions with new factories and increasing volumes. We have noted the interest in efficient logistics solutions and cargo handling processes that helps to reduce emissions and lower costs from organizations is increasing.

During the five years we have been operating in Brazil, we have mainly turned our attention to the forestry industry. At the end of last year, this resulted in a new cooperation with a major logistics company, which is growing rapidly and where our concepts and machines complement their business. Lately, our joint efforts are steering additional business projects with the goal of increasing volumes towards priority customers. Our focus is to, through our collaboration, increase the possibility of delivering high-efficiency logistics solutions to selected customers. With our local partner’s knowledge, size, and network and our unique capabilities and know-how, we have new opportunities in this growth market.

We look forward to an exciting spring in Brazil!


Ricardo Jacober

Manager, MultiDocker Brazil