Brian Uhlenhake, a former leader of the Global Dealer Capability division at Caterpillar, has joined MultiDocker. He spent over 30 years at Caterpillar, beginning as a College Graduate Trainee in Engine Research and Development. Over the years, Brian held several senior leadership positions at Caterpillar in countries including the United States, Singapore, and Australia.

“MultiDocker has liaised with Brian over multiple years in his previous roles at Caterpillar and we are very excited that he has now joined our team,” explains Simon Österström, Regional Manager North America at MultiDocker. “Brian will focus on developing our dealer relationships and further progressing our product portfolio as part of the overall Caterpillar dealer network offering, beginning with North America. He already knows the dealers, Caterpillar, and the relationship they have with each other, which gives him a head start,” Simon continues.

Growing up on a farm in the United States, Brian can associate with the owners and operators of the types of machines Caterpillar and MultiDocker offer. He graduated from Iowa State University as a Mechanical Engineer and completed an Executive Business program at Bradley University. In his career at Caterpillar, Brian found his passion in working with dealers and end-customers and helping them find the correct solution to their challenges.

“I am thrilled to join the MultiDocker team,” Brian Uhlenhake says. “I have followed MultiDocker over the years and they have a great product in a niche market that Caterpillar themselves cannot offer machines. Given the Caterpillar components of the machines, MultiDocker is well-received as the North America dealers and end-customers know that the Caterpillar brand promises quality, durability, and field support,” Brian explains.

Brian is based in Tennessee, the United States, and supports all dealers and end-customers in North America for MultiDocker as Director of Sales.

Contact: Brian Uhlenhake, mobile: +1 309 256 3343, email: