Special delivery to NL!

//Special delivery to NL!

Special delivery to NL!

MultiDocker is happy to
announce a delivery of a CH74D to Liebregts BV in The Netherlands.

This is tailor made CH74D, low
built with a reach of 20 meters placed
on workboat and will be used for reconstruction of dikes, river widening and riverbank protection.

The customer is very
pleased with the machine as the stability
is good, controls are accurate, performance is excellent and lifting capacity is high. These factors make
Liebregts handle 5.000-6.000 tonnes a day!

For short demonstration movie, please visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tI1A03XfKW8

in Dutch: MultiDocker
CH74D_NL Article

Translated highlights from the article:

“Previously, the company’s production
was about 250 tons per hour , that has now increased to 500 tons . These figures shows that the MultiDocker cargo
handling machine performs real good!